Bruce Botnick is an American audio engineer and record producer, best known for his work with The Doors, Buffalo Springfield and The Beach Boys, Pet Sounds and the song Good Vibrations.  He engineered the group Love’s first two albums, and produced and engineered their third album, Forever Changes which according to the Library of Congress is number 6 of the all time best Rock N Roll albums.  In November 1970 he took over production of The Doors’ L.A. Woman album, their last with lead singer Jim Morrison, after the band’s long-serving producer Paul Rothchild fell out with the band over the album’s direction. According to Robby Krieger it was Botnick’s idea to record the album at the Doors rehearsal space where they were more comfortable and used to the sound, rather than at a big money recording studio. Bruce also has a credit as one of the “boys in the back room” on The Rolling Stones album Let It Bleed. During this period Botnick engineered albums for artists Dave Mason, The Supremes and Marvin Gaye.  He later produced Eddie Money’s two Platinum albums , Eddie Money in 1977 and Life For The Talking in 1978 and Steve Perry’s 1979 Platinum album Street Talk. Botnick also produced albums with Joe Perry of Arrowsmith, Jazz Fusion drummer Tony Williams and engineered albums with Weather Report and Earth Wind and Fire.

Botnick had a long-running association with film composer Jerry Goldsmith as his scoring mixer. Botnick first met Goldsmith on 1979’s Star Trek The Motion Picture and they worked together on most of Goldsmith’s film projects – numbering over 100 – from the 1980s through to Goldsmith’s death in 2004.

Today beyond keeping the flame for all things Doors, Bruce has recorded and mixed motion pictures scores for John Williams – E.T. – Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Hans Zimmer – The Lion King, James Newton Howard – Water World, Joe Kraemer – Jack Reacher, and Christophe Beck. Restoration mixing of long form videos of historic concerts with Frank Zappa and The Doors.